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E-Discovery – Get it right from the start

ESI Processing and ReviewDocusource brings value to each unique project.

Our experience and proven results ensures that you will use best practices and provide your clients with the best possible value. Our staff and management processes will give you confidence in our ability to provide you with excellent case support. We believe in effective communication with our clients. Therefore, we will keep you up-to-date throughout the ESI Processing and Review. We can customize a plan to suit your specific case requirements.

Early Case Assessment- Visual Culling

ESI Processing and ReviewIn the beginning stages of litigation, it is critical for attorneys to get to the facts of the case quickly. The facts will help to develop case strategy, gain an initial estimate of litigation costs, and better prepare for meetings and conferences. Docusource uses sophisticated culling tools with visual functionality. These tools provide law firms quick access to the crucial facts of a case, allowing legal teams to answer important questions such as:

-What are the key custodians, terms, and date ranges we should include in our E-Discovery plan?
-Are there any timeline gaps in our collected data which need to be addressed?
-What is the size and scope of the data collection likely moving forward to review?
-What costs will be associated with reviewing said data?


process1Process faster and with less chances of error.

Docusource employs a fully-automated electronic evidence processing solution designed to perform electronic discovery, processing, and production tasks quickly and accurately. Our processing solution will allow you to gain control over large, complex data sets quickly and discover hundreds of different electronic file types in one application. You will be able to cull, search, and view your document collections while removing duplicates and system files. You will even eliminate the cost of converting your e-discovery to .tiff and .pdf files with Docusource processing tools.


review1Review is the most important and most expensive part of the E-Discovery process.

Experience matters when developing document review platforms. Our reviewing systems reduce the time and costs spent on review and production.

Our experienced team will work with you to develop a strategy and choose a defensible, flexible solution that will work for you and your clients. Whether you need staffing, full-managed review, technology-assisted review or anything in between, you can combine our service offerings to meet your particular case needs.

Improve efficiencies with our key software features:

  • Full analytics capabilities such as email threading, conceptual clustering, categorization, and near-duplicate identification come standard
  • Administrators can customize workflows for each level of document review
  • Maintain visibility and oversight over the entire document review process using powerful reports
  • Prevent accidental production of privileged documents using Production Shield
  • Docusource uses high-speed distributed production and exports
  • Customizable layouts, including dual monitor support, allows reviewers to work comfortably
  • Docusource makes early case assessment, analytical review, and full litigation processing easy with seamless integration between Early Case Assessment, Processing, and Review platforms


produce1Produce with Confidence

With your review complete and your production approaching, Docusource will ensure that your production is accurate and on time.
We provide the flexibility you need to:

-Validate the production set
-Create a privilege log
-Produce in native, tiff or mixed file type productions
-Provide secure access for multiparty cases


The intelligent approach to document review.

The best way to manage the volumes of data received is by culling it down and prioritizing the important part of the production. Incorporating prioritization into review workflows allows for rapid identification of responsive documents while minimizing time spent on non-responsive documents.

Our clustering and categorization technology comes at no extra charge. This technology rates and prioritizes your documents by responsiveness from the very beginning of the project. Attorneys can now review the most responsive documents first, which means you can:

  • Reduce time and money spent on reviewing documents that are inconsequential to a case.
  • Meet challenging deadlines.
  • Make decisions for document review by case issue instead of a linear, document-by-document process.

Triage Your Data Set with Advanced Analytical Tools

Docusource’s advance analytical features triage your data early in the discovery process, so you can identify key documents and eliminate those with no value.

Our analytical tools include:

  • Topic clustering – Documents with a common shared term are clustered. This enables someone with case knowledge to handle these documents together;
  • Categorization – Conceptually related documents can be grouped together;
  • Email Threading – Emails from the same conversation thread are grouped along with attachments. Emails can be reviewed in context and only the inclusive email containing all past messages requires evaluation;
  • Near-Duplicate Identification – Documents that are identical or similar in content like a Word Document and a .PDF version are grouped so they can be reviewed together.