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What is the role of a Trial Consultant?

Docusource Trial Consultants expertly handle all of your trial technology so that you can concentrate on strategy and witness preparation. As your trial consultants, we will provide a variety of trail support services including:

  • Assist in pretrial with exhibit preparation, database creation, bench books creation and distribution of exhibits to opposing counsel and delivery of exhibits to the courtroom;
  • Coordinate exhibits to a central location so all team members can access via secured site 24/7;
  • Work with the experts to prepare animations and other demonstratives for use with the Jury;
  • Create witness video clips for impeachment purposes;
  • Produce Opening and Closing slides;
  • Assist with presentation techniques;
  • Set up courtroom and communicate with Clerks, Deputy etc.;
  • Provide a perfect presentation in the courtroom with the ability to instantly call up any document for impeachment.
  • Create key demonstratives in the courtroom for cross witnesses in the courtroom


Why Choose Docusource?

Docusource trial consultants are experts in trial support. We offer a variety of trail services including: trial presentation, demonstratives & graphic creation, database exhibits preparation, on-site trial support, and presentation preparation.

The Docusource team has worked on many high-risk cases with serious damages claims including:

Multi-Million & Billion Dollar Claims:

  • Deepwater Horizon
  • MJ Farms, Ltd v ExxonMobil Corp
  • Tebow et al v. Bradex Oil & Gas
  • Tensas Poppadoc Inc et al v. Chevron USA
  • Dore Energy Corp v. Carter-Langham
  • Active Solutions LLC et al v. Dell Inc
  • Turner et al v. Murphy Oil USA Inc
  • Chinese-Manufactured Drywall Products
  • Texaco Exploration et al v. AmClyde Engineered
  • Gabarick et al v Lauren Maritime (America)

Call today 1-800-588-1779 for a complimentary consultation or email Connie Phillips at Cphillips@docusource.us.