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Trial Consulting

We can help you tell your story in the courtroom.

CphillipsThe Docusource team is your advocate and partner in the courtroom. We study the facts and exhibits with you. We will rehearse with you for your trial preparation to ensure that evidence is displayed correctly and timely.

The Docusource trial technicians will present your case evidence accurately and quickly in the courtroom. We have the ability to instantly call up key documents and highlight key references in real time. We make sure you get your evidence published at the key moment when it has the most impact. We know you cannot afford to have a delay in the courtroom. It is our job to make sure you have no delays.

For Example, if the witness testimony on the stand changes your plan of attack, Docusource technicians can intuitively follow your lead and adapt. We can locate your impeachment document in your electronic files so that you have the impact you need to make your point in court at that moment.  We understand the best practices in a court room, because we have over 29 years of trial consulting experience.

Docusource technicians have had the honor of being chosen to work on some of the nation’s largest trials including the largest in our nation’s history, the BP DeepWater Horizon trial.

There is no substitute for real courtroom experience.”
~ Connie Phillips, Director of Technical Services

For more information call Connie Phillips at 504-588-2679 or email