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Docusource –Your One Source For Modern Litigation Support

Litigation SupportFor more than 25 years, law firms and corporations nationwide have turned to Docusource to assist them in every phase of discovery and trial support. Through our many years of experience we have developed and follow best practices. Our team has spent thousands of hours managing complex litigation, both in and outside the courtroom.

The objective of any discovery project is to operate within the confines of a realistic budget, while at the same time to identify key information for motions, depositions and trial preparation.  At Docusource we understand the law and the importance to your case of an efficient and accurate document management system. We consider ourselves an integral part of your trial team, and we work with you to ensure a seamless, successful outcome.

In addition to consulting Docusource offers a variety of services to support your individual project plan, including Data Collection, ESI Processing, Software Vetting, Training, Document Review, E-Discovery Managed Services, Trial Graphics and Trial Tech Support.

Contact Connie Phillips, Managing Partner, Consulting Services.

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