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Docusource ServicesDocusource Services can save your law firm time and money in preparing your cases for litigation. We adhere to the strictest standards and best practices when collecting and preserving defensible data. When submitting digital or electronic evidence to a court, the court will determine if the evidence has relevancy, determine the authenticity of the evidence submitted, and whether a copy is admissible or an original is required if it is hearsay. Our seasoned consultants will work with you and your associates to assess the situation to actuate the most effective methodologies for data collection, compile thorough documentation, and substantiate all work.

Our Forensic Collection Team of experts utilize proven software applications and methodologies to recoup hidden and/or deleted data, exceeding the highest degree of evidentiary standards. Data is documented throughout the collection procedure. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require the “preservation and disclosure of electronically stored evidence.” However, according to the Federal Rules of Evidence, rule 1001(3) states “if data are stored in a computer…, any printout or other output readable by sight, shown to reflect the data accurately, is an ‘original.’”

E-discovery is the preeminent service provided by Docusource Services. Electronic Discovery refers to discovery in legal proceedings where the information sought is in electronic format, also known as electronically stored information or ESI. Metadata, which describes the contents and context of data or data files, increases the ESIs usefulness. Docusource’s E-Discovery Management Services brings together the perfect balance of highly trained personnel, the latest processes, and most up-to-date technology, affording clients the best available resources for a cost effective flat monthly fee.

For a customizable, scalable, and financially feasible E-Discovery Management Solution for your firm, please contact Connie Phillips at (504) 588-2679 or by email at Let Docusource save your firm time and money in preparing your cases for litigation today.


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