What is ESI Processing and Review?

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What is ESI Processing and Review?


Electronically Stored Information (ESI) must first go through the multi step eDiscovery process, whereby electronic data is sought after, obtained, secured, and/or searched with the intent of presenting it as evidence in civil or criminal litigation. The three phases of eDiscovery are: (1) relevant data is identified, preserved, and protected while using proper protocol; (2) with the use of specially designed software with advanced analytics technologies, data is analyzed and up to 50% or more of irrelevant data has the potential to be eliminated; and (3) the processing and review of smaller subsets of relevant data, and the production of a supporting chain of evidence to be presented during litigation.

Docusource can help with ESI

Unfortunately, many law firms begin the process at Phase 3, overlooking the first two phases, causing this phase of the work to become cumbersome and expensive. By working with Docusource, your firm can relinquish these processes to our highly qualified staff, where we become part of your team, and contain these costs. The ESI Processing and Review phase is instrumental in creating a strategy for court and producing a defensible chain of evidence to support the litigation. Our advanced analytics technologies allows your team gain control of large, complex sets of data quickly and accurately. In order to authenticate ESI, electronic data must go through proper protocols, which are repeatable and defensible procedures. Courts and opposing counsel are increasingly paying closer attention to how ESI is processed during eDiscovery to ensure proper protocols are followed. “A party who produces documents for inspection shall produce them as they are kept in the usual course of business …” (Rule 34[b][i]). The committee notes expand on this: “The responding party must produce ESI either in a form or forms in which it is ordinarily maintained or in a form or forms that are reasonably usable.”

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For a customizable, scalable, and financially feasible E-Discovery Management Solution for your firm, please contact Connie Phillips at (504) 588-2679 or by email at cphillips@docusource.us. Let Docusource save your firm time and money in preparing your cases for litigation today.